James Rolfe - Angry Video Game Nerd

James Rolfe is the mastermind behind Cinemassacre.com, a popular internet destination for comedic, nostalgic and informative pop culture entertainment. He has created hundreds of films in his career, and has become an icon in the gaming world with his hit web series “The Angry Video Game Nerd”. Thanks to his foul-mouthed and bitter Angry Video Game Nerd character, he has amassed an impressive cult following that has allowed him to turn his love of cinema into a career. He has recently released his first feature film and passion project, Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie to various media formats. In addition to the AVGN Movie and episodes, James tackles other topics such as movies and board games in his other series’ including James & Mike Monday’s, Board James, You Know What’s Bullsh*t? and the annual Monster Madness Marathon.