MAGFest Indie Videogame Showcase (MIVS)

Submissions for MIVS 2019 Opening Today, August 19th!

Indies - on your marks.... get set..... and get ready for our submissions to open today! Sunday, August 19th!

To submit your game to MIVS 2019, please follow this link and fill out all sections of the application:

Start getting ready - submissions for Round 1 will only be open until September 2nd. Round 1 requires the submission of a video of your game - those accepted past the first round will be required to send a demo for Round 2. Got questions on the criteria for your video? Check out the MIVS FAQ!

The MAGFest Indie Arcade will be accepting submissions via our submissions portal this year. The Indie Arcade is a 24/7 section of MAGFest specifically for indie arcade cabinets and installations. If you think your game falls into this category, feel free to submit to our Google Form, right here!:

Now that you know, tell the world! Don't let your friends miss out on the opportunity to show their awesome games at MAGFest 2019! Share the link to submit!

Once all the indie booths are allocated; if you are an indie with a video game, there is still option to show your game at one of our "QuickPlay" tables.

Information on "QuickPlay" and other answers can be found on the MIVS FAQ Page.

Any questions not answered in the FAQ, or for general MIVS department contact, please send an e-mail to:

Previous Years: